Basket mills

The basket mill processes products of low, medium and high viscosity at high speed, allowing the distribution of particles evenly reaching Nano metric particles.


It is a continuous batch system, whereby the whole grinding process is carried out in the same portable container, without the need to re-circulate the product. As such this allows the optimization of resources, since the mill performs the whole process automatically, only loading the variables on its touch screen without the need for operational labor. Even the washing of the equipment is carried out in a few minutes, significantly reducing the cost of solvents and allowing the grinding of a product or color different from the previous batch in a simple way.

Why Dolphin is the best market basket mill?

Because the milling is carried out through 2 independent systems, on the one hand the system of milling with bolts and counter meters inside the basket where the zirconium pearls are, and covered by a chamber where water circulates and cools the product; and on the other a system of agitation with a propeller.


The possibility of handling the two systems separately, allows the grinding to be completed without having to change equipment as well as achieving a more efficient cooling of the grinding product, thus achieving an additional decrease in processing times and leading to an optimal result.


Optimum grinding speed

Easy washing for product change

Reach uniform nano metric particles

Perform the whole process automatically

Greater control and optimal results by the independent system of agitation and grinding

Post-sale service and low-cost parts