Industrial disperser Mr1

Dispersor industrial

This equipment can be manufactured to be mounted on floor or on platform according to the requirement.


The processing capacity can be from 200 to 5000 lts. and the power goes from 10 to 150 HP, depending on the characteristic of the product to be manufactured.


In the case of equipment mounted on a platform, 1 to 4 fixed containers can be installed.

Asynchronous motor from 10 to 150 HP at 1500 rpm

Manufactured in IP55 Protection Efficiency Std. or High Efficiency explosive proof

Metal cabinet with frequency variation

Control panel with buttons for operation and control of the different functions of the equipment, digital ammeter

Emergency stop mounted on head

Base, column and head of carbon steel, structurally very resistant, with surface finish in epoxy paint

Head lifting system composed of a hydraulic pump coupled to electric motor and electro valve

Flashlight and axes made of chromed carbon steel and armored bearings

Dispersing disc according to power, made of stainless steel, with system of drag bolts and central adjustment screw for easy removal