Industrial agitator Mz1

Agitador industrial

This equipment allows to mix coatings and paints with great speed, getting quickly the homogenization of it.


It can be used in containers of 4 to 20 liters.

Normalized asynchronous motor of 2 HP / 1500 rpm / 3 x 220 v. 50 Hz

Manufactured in IP55 Protection Efficiency Std. or High Efficiency explosive proof

Electronic speed variation. Cabinet with external drive by means of keypads and internal protection against short circuits

Made of carbon steel with electroplating blue zinc finish

Manual lifting system counterbalanced by means of steel cable of 4.76 mm

Two axes with lasso blades for 10 and 20 liter containers and another for 4 lts

Rotating base mounted on shielded bearings, asbestos-free brake with pedal operation

Adapter base made of carbon steel with container fastening with quick closing and electroplating blue zinc finish

Power supply 2 x 220 V + T / 50 Hz / 10 Am