Basket mill for grinding lots from 500 to 1200 liters


Bolt Rotor Motor 50 HP at 50 Hz

Agitation System Motor 50 HP at 50 Hz

Elevation System with plunger system and bronze guide bushing

Hydraulic control of 4 HP with gear pump and electro valve

Manufactured in IP55 Protection Efficiency Std. or High Efficiency explosive proof

500 mm diameter abrasion resistant stainless steel basket, with 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm. or 1 mm. slots to accommodate 0.6-0.8 mm., 1-1.2 mm. or 2-2.4 mm. zirconium beads

Top dome with cooling jacket by water circulation and system of fixed and mobile bolts easy replacement

Interchangeable agitation propeller according to the viscosity of the product

Control panel with touch screen from 5'' to 10'' according to adjustment variables with lift button and emergency stop